“Welcome Home: An Introduction”

Howdy, y’all! My name is Christopher Matthew Leo, and I’m the President and CEO of Flash Three Consultants. (And yes, I love country music.) For the past seven years, my beloved Room 106 at Parma Senior High School served as a type of “home” for my students and me. Somehow, that classroom made us all feel valued, special, and wanted. It was a place that nurtured openness and authenticity, fostered trust and loyalty, and championed confidence and growth. It was everything we needed to reach our goals; it was the vehicle that drove us to our destination….

When I plucked the ripe opportunity to teach English at my alma mater, I knew from the very outset, that, one day, I would pursue additional avenues to help others achieve success (as they defined it). As the years passed, I started to see that I could re-create that sense of “home” beyond the walls of Parma High by applying the same principles and traits present in 106 to outside organizations. We could then use the organization as a mechanism to take an owner wherever s/he wanted to go in life.

With that in mind, my vision with Flash Three is simple: Help owners capture that sense of “home.”

This is why, at its core, Flash Three focuses on the relationship. Any work we do is utterly personal for me…because it’s utterly personal for you. I want us to hunt your dreams together—just like my students and I did. I want our partnership to emulate the magic that was Room 106. I want “home” for you.

I suppose that’s the exceptional value that separates us from your typical “management consulting” firm like McKinsey or Boston. We’re just something…different. The tenor of the post should strike you as “different.” The layout of the website, the content, the copy…it’s just…different. It’s unique. It’s quirky. It’s open. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s me.

Look, all the principles, processes, tactics, and strategies we’ll employ to take you and your organization to the next level are secondary. What matters most to me is you….

So, talk to me. Peruse the website. Let the little examples on there spark some ideas of how we can help you reach the next level and how we can flash. Think about what you truly want from your business…and from your life. After all, life is too short to overlook and ignore your dreams….

Welcome Home. Welcome Home….