Aligning for Adventure: Some Year-End Reflections

The sprint to the New Year is upon us, and despite all our post-Christmas fatigue, wisdom would suggest that we set aside a few quiet moments the next few days to relax—and to reflect on the year gone by. 2017 brought many changes to our lives. Some were positive; some were not. Maybe you were able to turn a long-time … Read More

The Answer is You

When we were kids, one word described the majority of our childhood daydreams: adventure. We’d spend hours hunting treasure and fighting baddies like Indiana Jones or solving neighborhood mysteries like Nancy Drew. We’d let our imaginations run wild and free as we satisfied that inexplicable craving for excitement. As we grew older, our fantasies tempered a bit and began to … Read More

“Welcome Home: An Introduction”

Howdy, y’all! My name is Christopher Matthew Leo, and I’m the President and CEO of Flash Three Consultants. (And yes, I love country music.) For the past seven years, my beloved Room 106 at Parma Senior High School served as a type of “home” for my students and me. Somehow, that classroom made us all feel valued, special, and wanted. … Read More

Let’s Flash Forward: The Blog

At Flash Three Consultants, we expect to move your company in one direction: wherever you want to go. Check back here for ideas about how we can create, cultivate, and communicate together.